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About The Green Gardener


I've always been a "crafter" at heart. As a little girl, I had a table in the corner devoted to various projects. Sometimes they involved wood, paper, paint, clay... there was always something to fuss with. As a teen, I was a victim of the poly-clay craze, and could be found making figurines, beads, and more as gifts for friends and family.

Over the last several years, I've developed a true love of gardening and sharing my organic, GMO-free harvest. The natural progression for me was to figure out how to use what I've grown to create bath, body and home-care products that are natural, good for you, and fun. This venture has allowed me an outlet for my creativity, and granted me the opportunity to share my love of the natural world with others.

Giving back and supporting local non-profit organizations is important to me. If your organization is looking for donation items for a fundraising event, I hope you'll consider reaching out!

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